April 1, 2012 Begins Instagram Like A Girl Week!

It’s official (at least in my mind) – April 1, 2012 shall mark the first ever (hopefully annual) Instagram Like A Girl week.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about – consider it Instagrammers – you’ve got those people that normally Instagram “normal” stuff – but every now and then they go completely off the reservation and start Instagramming sh_t that makes it appear they’re de-aged and gone completely 12 year-old girl on you (and note, I don’t mean women, I mean girls – if “squee” as a caption could occur to you on a particular Instagram pic you’ve found one).  

Oh, examples – ok – pics of shoes, pics of nails with the polish bottle grasped by the perpetrator wearer, pics of pastries, chocolate or other sweets, stuffed animals, etc.

Again – I don’t mean “females” or “women” – I mean ‘girl’ posts.  Or to use someone else’s (immortal) words, those of  Sam Seaborn (fictional character), “I know plenty of women who can write, Helen. I know women who can blow the walls of brick buildings. This sounds like a girl.”

And so – from April 1, 2012 to April 7, 2012 – it’s IGLAG week – do your worst, IG to the world your choice of cups (protective gear, not beverage containers) for today’s football game, your quandry over which black pants to wear, grasp something (not that!) and pic it, and most of all – be sure to spread the word, announce your participation and use the hashtag on your pics!


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