The Followers You Engage (in your Neighborhood): The Hoarder

I’m pretty good with visual memories.  This definitely comes in handy in many circumstances, but perhaps the least likely place it’s proven useful is when dealing with those I follow and vice-versa (and for the record – for some reason I’m really bad with face-name associations – apologies in advance). The problem is I can’t remember usernames sometimes so need to utilize to find someone I may not have chatted with in a while (and hope they haven’t changed their avatar).

Where it’s been particularly handy is finding folks who have followed, unfollowed and then refollowed.  Combined with a Gmail account and good tags there’s no reason to not know who’s following you and find out when they started if needed.  It’s definitely come in handy when I have to go dig up the name of a person who works at a certain agency.

Anyway – the “refollow” is great fun, particularly when you look at that person’s account stats.  And yes, I know, as preached before – follower counts don’t matter.  If you like the content’s quality it doesn’t matter who else agrees with you or if you’ve found a hidden gem. But… Continue reading The Followers You Engage (in your Neighborhood): The Hoarder