R.I.P Steve

I didn’t know Steve Jobs.  Not at all, not a little, not a smidge.  But I feel the need to write something.  I knew him “less” (as in not at all) than some other folks we’ve lost in recent months.  But I find myself feeling a great sense of loss right now.  Not the same kind of loss, of course when you lose someone you know and love personally, but what I can only assume is, what could be called, a communal loss.

I remember watching the news (on a TV no less) when they announced Lucille Ball had died.  I enjoyed ‘I Love Lucy’ and its various incarnations but wasn’t particularly torn up.  I was also pretty young.  It affected my mom quite a bit more though, which itself was very surprising.  It could be she felt a particular connection to Ball because one of the ways she learned about American culture and language when living overseas and moving here was through television.  Ball’s variety of humor lent itself to non-native speakers and so probably meant more to her than other actors of the era.

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Bookmarks for September 13th, 2011 from 12:17 to 13:56

These are my links for September 13th, 2011 from 12:17 to 13:56:

The days in links 3/15/11-3/16/11

The last two days in links – woot!

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  • Getting Started with Analytics: How to Get Buy-in From Your Team http://ow.ly/4fC8q Do we still need to review why this is important?
  • Email as Sales: The Autoresponse Antidote to Just Looking Buyers | Email Marketing Strategy – Blue Sky Factory Blog http://ow.ly/4fC9C
  • Social media case study: MN brewer Surly galvanizes fans to build new brewery | http://ow.ly/4fCal from @arikhanson No surpirse there 🙂
  • Finra Warns About Facebook Pre-IPO Investments http://ow.ly/4fCe1
  • Of Comment Trolls and Flash Mobs | Danny Brown http://ow.ly/4fCg1 Trolls? Never heard of ’em 🙂
  • Innovation Conversations » Making Your Corporate Citizenship Story Pop! http://ow.ly/4fCh0 Great guide.
  • The quiet death of journalism at the hand of “content strategy” more great stuff from @TheBrandBuilder  http://ow.ly/4fCiJ
  • SXSW 2011: Great for Networking, But No Technology Breakthroughs. Roundup from @JOwyang http://ow.ly/4fCl1
  • Interesting new tool – WE Products Debut at SXSW Interactive Event | Thinkers and Doers http://ow.ly/4fCpB
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  • WOW: The New York Observer Is Launching A Tech Site http://ow.ly/4fE6D
  • Not for me yet, but still interesting- Group Messaging Faceoff: 4 Services Compared http://ow.ly/4fEaW
  • AOL FREELANCER: We All Just Got Fired (We Think) http://ow.ly/4fEd6
  • Ha! Light-Up Facebook Like Notifier Made From Legos http://ow.ly/4fEeO attn @arikhanson @alextanpr
  • The big fish: Jon Stewart Recruits Larry King As Daily Show Contributor http://ow.ly/4fEhk
  • #NotWinning Bristol Palin’s Boyfriend Likes To Call People ‘Nigga,’ Mock Kids With Down Syndrome http://ow.ly/4fEja
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  • Very Interesting: Dan Ariely » Blog Archive Backing Down From Agreements–Results « http://ow.ly/4fEqn
  • Seth’s Blog: Are you doing a good job? http://ow.ly/4fErp Doing a good job is no guarantee of security, advancement or delight.
  • Twitter users send one billion tweets per week – Brand Republic News http://ow.ly/4fEsJ And about half are mine
  • OOOH Apple applies to use Beatles’ logo – Brand Republic News http://ow.ly/4fEtE
  • 8 Powerful & Inexpensive Desktop Design Apps http://ow.ly/4fEw2 Definitely going to use some of these
  • RIP Zune Player, 2006-2011 http://ow.ly/4fExX Too bad, I like my brown brick.

The Day (and weekend) in Links: 3/12-3/14/2011 (Happy Pi Day!)

  • Don’t Write ‘Happy Birthday’ On Facebook, Auto-Tune It! http://ow.ly/4e5i9 ha!
  • Where You Fit In http://ow.ly/4e5lq Great perspective from @dannybrown
  • 4 Ways to Set Up a Storefront on Facebook http://ow.ly/4e5ne Interesting reference to keep around.
  • from @ConversationAge: Changing the Question http://ow.ly/4e5pz Perfectly phrased.
  • The ‘Godzilla’ Incident: Did Twitter Users Gang Up on CNN Earthquake Anchor? http://ow.ly/4e5rI Socnets aren’t always right.
  • Top 7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter http://ow.ly/4e5xQ I NEED to try some of these
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Brands On Facebook http://ow.ly/4e5v4 If you need a reminder
  • Conversation Agent: The Stream Comes First http://ow.ly/4e5t8
  • Maps Show Japan Postings’ Spread On Facebook http://ow.ly/4e5AD
  • iPad 2 Sold Out, 70% Went to New Buyers [REPORT] http://ow.ly/4e5Li Some nice numbers here.
  • Chicago Rapist Met Two Victims On Facebook http://ow.ly/4e50i Wow. They’ve moved on from CL. It’s social, not a completely safe space ppl
  • Your Online Guide to an Easier Tax Season http://ow.ly/4e5fO Just over a month away.
  • NC Student Arrested For Facebook Posts About Principal http://ow.ly/4e5di Oh yeah…uhhh
  • Google Stops Shipping CR-48 Chrome OS Notebooks http://ow.ly/4e5ay In this case appears to be a good sign.
  • Facebook Adds Ability to Easily Tag Others in Comments http://ow.ly/4e4Yl I think we all knew this by now but JIC
  • 1 In 5 Use Facebook To Make Health Decisions http://ow.ly/4e4W6 A little terrifying
  • Measuring Social Media: Who Has Access to the Firehose? http://ow.ly/4e4QD Stuff we all need to know.
  • Engadget’s Editor in Chief Resigns as AOL Shakeup Continues http://ow.ly/4e4Oc This has gotta hurt
  • Seth’s Blog: Your #SXSW agenda (or any conference, for that matter) http://ow.ly/4e4M1 Good food for thought
  • Data: How Wealthy Corporations Spend On Social Business @JOwyang | Social Media, Web Marketing http://ow.ly/4e4GX Int’g stats
  • The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post – For Bloggers By Bloggers http://ow.ly/4e4xO In case you don’t know yet.
  • Seth’s Blog: Bring me stuff that’s dead, please http://ow.ly/4e4vs . Such a great lesson about leaving the hot shiny button alone
  • Sunday Brunch – Promoting Old Blog Posts | Danny Brown http://ow.ly/4e4ty Great topic from @dannybrown
  • Very Disturbing – The Occasional Ugliness Of The Social Web from @TheBrandBuilder http://ow.ly/4e4rS
  • Another installment from @dannybrown Weekly Free Blog Topics at For Bloggers By Bloggers http://ow.ly/4e4pe
  • Verizon iPhones Fell Back an Hour Instead of Springing Ahead http://ow.ly/4e4S4 OOPS! from @brenna_e