Gun Violence: If You’re Sick of it – Do More.

Gun Wall © by Mike Saechang

This started out as a Facebook post that seemed too long for there.

If you’re truly sick of gun violence (in schools, theatres, or anywhere) – after you’re done expressing remorse, remembrances and regrets here (on Facebook) take the additional 5 minutes instead of responding to woe-is-our-society comments, close the FB tab, and contact your state representatives and let them know.

Yes, I’m serious.

They aren’t checking your FB profile and even if they’ve got the right plank on their platform, as it were, let them know you insist, no demand, they do more.  A letter as simple as:

“I’m  dissatisfied with current gun legislation in our nation / state [as appropriate].  As my representative in the _____ I’m entrusting you with taking up this battle in the legislature. While I know you can’t change the law on your own – you can do more, we all can. Give me a reason to support you during your next campaign.”

or something more thorough and detailed with where you see your state’s or our nation’s failings in this arena (more comprehensive and available mental health care probably wouldn’t hurt either) can make a difference. Let them know you care, otherwise they have no reason to care themselves except for the soundbite. And if you’re really ticked – send the same letter – every week, month, etc.  Make a repeating calendar reminder and copy and paste the same letter each time until you get a response.

You can find your U.S. Senate reps here and House rep here. Find your state reps by googling: <state name> house of representatives or <state name> senate.

PS-Don’t make me close comments on this post.

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