Why Shutting Down Google Reader Actually Hurts

I don’t have my copy here, but there is a bit in Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0 about the difference building a successful site or business and building a successful platform, or more accurately reaching platform ‘status.’

One creates something others can build upon and around – grow a community.

The other is a sole building in a desert. And when that building doesn’t have a reason to be populated any longer there’s nothing for anyone else to do related to that building and they all leave.

Google Reader wasn’t just another Google service – it was a platform. Don’t believe me? Continue reading Why Shutting Down Google Reader Actually Hurts

Gun Violence: If You’re Sick of it – Do More.

Gun Wall © by Mike Saechang

This started out as a Facebook post that seemed too long for there.

If you’re truly sick of gun violence (in schools, theatres, or anywhere) – after you’re done expressing remorse, remembrances and regrets here (on Facebook) take the additional 5 minutes instead of responding to woe-is-our-society comments, close the FB tab, and contact your state representatives and let them know.

Yes, I’m serious.

They aren’t checking your FB profile and even if they’ve got the right plank on their platform, as it were, let them know you insist, no demand, they do more.  A letter as simple as:

“I’m  dissatisfied with current gun legislation in our nation / state [as appropriate].  As my representative in the _____ I’m entrusting you with taking up this battle in the legislature. Continue reading Gun Violence: If You’re Sick of it – Do More.

Open Letter to P.C. Richard & Son, LLC (with CC to Coby Electronics).

I’m not the only pot-stirrer around.  From mi madre.  Be warned:

Attn:Gary Richard, CEO, P.C. Richard & Son, LLC.
Gregg Richard, President, P.C. Richard & Son, LLC

Dear Messers Richard & Richard

Since moving to New York City eleven years ago P.C. Richard & Son has been my go-to store for any kind of household appliance or electronics. Your sales and customer services teams have always been top notch in counseling a purchase decision and even the post-sale delivery and installation process has always been smooth and hassle-free.  Over time this has resulted in numerous recommendations to friends and family regarding your chain.

In March of this year I purchased a 32 inch television set manufactured by Coby Electronic.

I was very happy with the purchase, for approximately 10 weeks.  Continue reading Open Letter to P.C. Richard & Son, LLC (with CC to Coby Electronics).

North Carolina, Gay Marriage and Action

(CC) Flickr user eivindw

I’ve seen the posts, the comments, the reactions, and everyone’s indignation. Just stop.

Take your memes and someecards and put ’em away.

Anyone who knows my politics knows I support gay marriage, but you need to stop talking and start doing. I get it, I too am a “a lily-livered, bleeding-heart, liberal, egghead communist” (West Wing) and it’s much easier to talk than do.

But seriously, did you expect this to go any other way?

Let’s consider: Continue reading North Carolina, Gay Marriage and Action

AT&T Math: 2GB is More Than Unlimited

I’m an AT&T grandfather – I’ve got the iPhone unlimited data plan, for which I pay $30 a month over voice and text fees. As we all know AT&T has eliminated this plan level for new customers allowing them a choice of a 2GB plan for $25 or 200 MB for $15.

I know my data habits I’d be a fool to go for the 2GB plan for only a $5 difference and there’d be no way I’d stay under 200 MB per month. That being said, I don’t travel a lot for business, am not huge into mobile video and really don’t do much data-heavy on my phone. And so while I found news of AT&T’s attempt to curb their data heavy users by throttling their speeds interesting there was no way it would change my life.

That was, until I got “the letter” last month in November. I was the 5%. Continue reading AT&T Math: 2GB is More Than Unlimited