A very emotional post (Part 1)

So this is a very difficult post for me.

It’s an issue I’ve considered long and hard over the last couple of weeks. Some of the deliberations you all shared last Saturday as I wandered around lower Manhattan awaiting a sign from Sunnyvale, CA.
Yes – I’ve finally decided on the newest iPhone over the Pre.
First let’s go back one step. I Love Palm.
More precisely, I loved Handspring a company created by the original Palm founders that made cheaper PalmOS handhelds. They were innovative in the boring PDA market from Day 1. Multi-colored handhelds, the Springboard slot, the Edge (one of the sexiest PDA’s I’ve ever seen), and finally the Treo line.
Yes – the Treo – up until last week the only real surviving remnant of a product Palm had was actually developed by an acquired company. (Yes, I’m ignoring the Tungsten line intentionally – the PDA w/o phone market is quickly evaporating as prices come down).
As far as I’m concerned Palm was Handspring post acquisition.
And when I say I love Palm I mean, I love Palm. As in we’ve always been a Palm household – multiple Handsprings, multiple Treos. I even have some Palm stock in my portfolio.
(next part is all about my Apple love….this post got to be entirely too long first time around so breaking it up here….)

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