The case for anonymity

As anyone bothering to read this post knows I had the sheer and absolute pleasure of hanging with @rachelakay earlier this week.

For those of you who are curious – she’s an a complete delight!  I could go into all the ways she’s great but I don’t think I have enough room.  In brief – personally she’s great – interesting, fun & funny and truly a joy to hang with.  Professionally – she certainly knows her stuff, doesn’t pull punches and has real opinions.  If you’re not following her yet – go now…I’ll wait…
No really…go…
Once the hours of Guinness and wine faded I pretty much had to again consider my position.  Not that I really could easily change it, but if we ‘don’t learn from history’ and all that good stuff.  Also, I was left with a different post-meet mood than from #1.  I admit, could’ve been the Guinness.
While I’m still constantly mystified at how I ended up here (I do know how it happened chronologically, just looking at the end point it makes little sense (I will cover this in a later post)) it really struck me that without this persona I would have missed out on the opportunity to meet with those of you I have, those of you I intend to, work with the half-dozen or so who have stepped up to help out with Masquertweet, or party with a hundred or so of my favorite people I’ve never met.
And so, while in the grand scheme it makes things more difficult overall since everything’s a bit cloak & dagger in anything I do it is well worth it to have this opportunity.
Tangent alert: And in case anyone missed it – I’m now on FB.  Since I have virtually none of your email addies I’ll need you to start –
And in case anyone’s curious…yes I do have an ‘exit strategy’ that should keep PRCog alive & active, but allow a bit of collar loosening in the coming months….That’ll have to wait for another post tho…

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  1. Glad you had a great time with Queen Rachel K. Nice post. There are a few folks whom I’ve met too and everyone’s been cool. No psychos yet except for me.

  2. Thanks for the compliments Cog – but the pleasure in meeting you was all mine. I’d like to say there were surprises but not so much. Despite your sometimes not so positive musings about our industry (that make me laugh with familiarity on occasion) your witty banter led me to believe there was an articulate, entertaining and thought-provoking person behind the Cog. All rang true. I very much enjoyed talking/debating/arguing shop with you – and wish I had many more hours to spend doing so.

    I’m sorry about the anonymity – I certainly don’t have a suggestion there as I don’t see an easy out for you myself. I hope you are able to figure out a half way point there – maybe Masquertweet is that first step.

    For anyone curious – after hours of wine and Guinness guzzling the only real piece of identifying information I have is PRCog’s real first name. I know a little more about his job but not enough that I could ever Google it. Oh yes, I could pick him out in a line-up. Other than that – the air of mystery continues. 🙂

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