Haiti Assist!

As any regular reader of this blog knows, or anyone who’s paid attention to our events, I’m a big supporter of 12for12K and the work they do (ok, I may have slacked a bit towards the end of 2009, but they still do great work).  The proceeds from Masquertweet went towards 12for12K as did a few ‘bounty’ donations for attendees, comments, followers, etc.

If you’re unfamiliar w/ 12for12K be sure to click the link above to find out more.  In their inaugural year they raised an amazing sum for various charities and are already back at it in 2010 helping Hope For Haiti raise funds for earthquake relief.

If you’re so inclined and able to donate use head on over to the 12for12K site‘s post for this cause and send in what you can.  It’ll make you feel good about yourself now.

And I’ll make you feel good about it later – any donor of over USD$50 gets a round on me at the next Masquertweet / PRBC meetup where we’re both in attendance.  Just drop me a note letting me know you gave through the Chipin widget at the 12for12K site, I’ll confirm with Mr. @DannyBrown and the first round is on me at the next get together.  (For legal purposes I’ll limit this for the time being to the first 20 donors and will update this number here as you fine folks step up, reach in (your pockets), and pull out (your cash).


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