Some great quotes…

I recently rediscovered from “Tunnel in the Sky” while doing some housekeeping.  My particular favorites are bolded.

“Man is the one animal that can’t be tamed. He goes along for years as peaceful as a cow, when it suits him. Then when it suits him not to be, he makes a leopard look like a tabby cat. Which goes double for the female of the species. ”

“Remember though, your best weapon is between your ears and under your scalp-provided it’s loaded.”

“Now keep your shirt on. I know you can make fire by rubbing a couple of dry words together.”

“And remember – when it gets down to fundamentals, do what you have to do and shed no tears.”

“…with weather, women, and wine there was nothing ‘just as good.'”

“Knew a man once who didn’t get shot at sunrise because he overslept the appointment.
Really? Who was he?
Young fellow I used to know. Myself.
Hunh? You really did, sir? You mean you were
Not a word of truth in it. Good stories are rarely true.”

“You used logic again … you use the stuff the way some people use dope. Why don’t you use your head instead?”

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