Social Media D-Bag Awards

In the coming weeks I’ll be announcing full details on my new project — the (to be annual) Social Media D-Bag awards.  There will be a nomination process, with those receiving the most nominations competing (or not) for the top prizes in each category.  Not sure if this’ll be a voted or judged process, that’s in the works.

Self-nomination will be allowed (a special kind of d-baggery) and those that refuse their award in good humor, well — ’nuff said.

Potential categories include:

  • Most D-Baggy bio
  • D-Baggiest FB status update
  • D-Baggiest tweet
  • D-Baggiest Auto-DM
  • D-Baggiest flickr stream
  • D-Baggiest active MySpace page (I know, this one might be tough).
  • D-Baggiest blog
  • D-Baggiest profile pic (Twitter and FB combined)
  • D-Baggiest Twitter background
  • Over all D-Baggiest SM user (considering all of the above)
  • Douchiest ‘SM Expert’

PS: Yeah, I’m serious I’m doin’ this.