Social Media D-Bag Awards

In the coming weeks I’ll be announcing full details on my new project — the (to be annual) Social Media D-Bag awards. ย There will be a nomination process, with those receiving the most nominations competing (or not) for the top prizes in each category. ย Not sure if this’ll be a voted or judged process, that’s in the works.

Self-nomination will be allowed (a special kind of d-baggery) and those that refuse their award in good humor, well — ’nuff said.

Potential categories include:

  • Most D-Baggy bio
  • D-Baggiest FB status update
  • D-Baggiest tweet
  • D-Baggiest Auto-DM
  • D-Baggiest flickr stream
  • D-Baggiest active MySpace page (I know, this one might be tough).
  • D-Baggiest blog
  • D-Baggiest profile pic (Twitter and FB combined)
  • D-Baggiest Twitter background
  • Over all D-Baggiest SM user (considering all of the above)
  • Douchiest ‘SM Expert’

PS: Yeah, I’m serious I’m doin’ this.

9 thoughts on “Social Media D-Bag Awards”

  1. Aw man, Cog, why did you gotta go ahead and do this after Foursquare got caught up in the D-bag Badge debate, and Gawker proclaimed “d-bag” That Which Will No Longer Be Said As It Is Overused I Guess?

    I guess you’re the only person who could get away with awarding such a prize. You’ll probably get a lot of reactions from people who think they’re clever. Prediction:

    “I guess you’re the expert, huh!?”
    And other variations on “it takes one to know one.”

    I do hope, though, and believe sincerely, that this is your attempt at letting us all poke fun at ourselves, of allowing us not to take ourselves too seriously, and urging us to really think about pushing SEND on our next d-bag status update/e-mail/comment/tweet. Because we all make the mistake of being self-involved and self-centered, and that’s okay. As long as we laugh about it and learn from the mistakes.

    Also, I’m betting there will be a HUGE amount of terrible/awesome .gifs in this treasure hunt. So everyone wins!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. The Razzies for SM ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I’m happy to be nominated for any of the above awards and in the minds of some people am probably overqualified. That being said I really shouldn’t award myself an award, but I’ll wear the nomination with pride.

      DBagily yours.

  2. I know who I’m voting for #justsayin and for those of you that know me, I doubt you are wondering who it might be, especially since he was one of Gawker’s biggest D-Bags of 2009, he’s already championed this category – so good luck to the other nominees – you don’t stand a chance.

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