Happy Semi-Blogday

Smoking extinguished candle on iced cup cake, close-upThe fantastic writers for PRBC have been so busy creating great content they’ve likely not realized it, but today (or close to it because of February’s unusual length — our first posts went live for Monday August 31, 2009) marks six months that we’ve been up, running and publishing.

To say that working with this group of highly skilled professionals, everyone from the founders to the contributors and even the commenters, willing to give of their time and themselves (and having the patience to deal with me and each others (xo 😉 )) would be an understatement.  I’m sure 6 months and 10 days ago, when the idea first sprouted, none of us ever imagined we’d be where we are today (wherever that is).  I wouldn’t be surprised to discover if a few of us never thought we’d reach six months at all.

So, where are we? Tough to gauge really.  Unless the fit really hits the shan we’ll publish our 300th post this week, have had hits from every state in the union, every country in South America, all but one country in North America (waving fist Colbert style — “Damn you Greenland!”), all but one country in Europe (waving fist Colbert style — “Damn you Serbia!”), most of Asia, and Australia and New Zealand as well as a decent chunk of Africa (gotta work on that). 141 countries in total since we added Google Analytics around 5 months ago.

What else is going on – well, a good number of us are speaking this Wednesday at the Ragan 2010 Media Relations Best Practices Summit, we’ve had a  number of events, new projects, sent some money to various charities through our own initiatives and have even more in works.  One particular project  we hope to gear (ha!) up for and announce this month has me very excited I’m really looking forward to (I don’t really get excited in that sense).

I hope somewhere along the way our loyal readers have had the chance to learn something from their peers, considered a different side of an issue, or were able to find advice, wisdom, or even just gotten a good chuckle on a bad day from our pages (pixels).

Well it’s approaching midnight, so really should wrap up this post.  Here’s to another great 6 months (and hopefully a killer party at the end of August 2010).

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    1. Ha ha, Thank you dear. I do need to add some more bells & whistles to this site :). Thanks again – hope all is good for you. ~Cog

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