Actual Tags/Labels I have in GMail / GCal

Yeah, I’ve got some odd tags in each of these products.  A few of my favorites below, categorized for your reading pleasure….

Bad Behavior type tags:

  • Douchebaggy auto-dms
  • Bad pitches
  • Worst Practices

Me being evil type tags:

  • Events to crash (never have, just would be fun)
  • Events I’ve RSVP’d for but probably won’t attend
  • Events not worth crashing (Consider though – which list would you rather your event be on?)
  • Douchebag twitter users
  • You must be kidding (a catch-all)

Things to work from type tags:

  • Ideas to steal
  • Inspiration for post
  • Must-do’s (things to-do (maybe with a special somebody) or tools to use)

So how bout it loyal readers — what’re your best/oddest tags/categories…


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