Upcoming Trip

As some of you know Mikinzie and I will be embarking on a trip to the Midwest very soon.This’ll be my first trip to this part of the country (Let’s see what’s so special about this Pizza and Vernor’s) so I’ll be documenting stuff along the way. For a city-lovin’ boy expect plenty of cracks about the fields, livestock, and other similar non-urban phenomenon. All in good fun of course. I’ll x-post to Gear GRindings and auto-tweet em as well.

Tech on hand will include the iPhone 4 of course, with GPS app and maps preloaded, PRBC and Movember stickered netbook, and maybe a digital vid cam and kindle version of Bukowski’s Women. Non tech items will include Timequake and a book I’m waiting to arrive by Dan Ariely.

Scenic pics/ pics of others may go here. Pics of us will be FB only. Not everything is everyone’s.


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