Open Letter to P.C. Richard & Son, LLC (with CC to Coby Electronics).

I’m not the only pot-stirrer around.  From mi madre.  Be warned:

Attn:Gary Richard, CEO, P.C. Richard & Son, LLC.
Gregg Richard, President, P.C. Richard & Son, LLC

Dear Messers Richard & Richard

Since moving to New York City eleven years ago P.C. Richard & Son has been my go-to store for any kind of household appliance or electronics. Your sales and customer services teams have always been top notch in counseling a purchase decision and even the post-sale delivery and installation process has always been smooth and hassle-free.  Over time this has resulted in numerous recommendations to friends and family regarding your chain.

In March of this year I purchased a 32 inch television set manufactured by Coby Electronic.

I was very happy with the purchase, for approximately 10 weeks. 

At that point I returned home after a day at work and the television would not turn on.  I live alone and do not have a housekeeper or anyone else in the home that could have damaged the television while I was at work.  It was plugged into a properly grounded and surge protected outlet. There is seemingly no external explanation for the set to suddenly fail on its own.

I contacted Coby for the warranty service and received quite the run-around.  The end result being that they would like me to purchase a box to hold the television set (because in Manhattan who keeps empty boxes and packaging materials?), the packing materials, pay shipping to their service location, and receive in exchange, not a new set, but a mere refurbished set.

Due to your great prices, the total amount this would run would be between 20% and 25% of the total cost of the set.  I am, as you can imagine, disinclined to do anything of the sort, if for no other reason the gall of an international manufacturer to place such an onus on its customers.

While I realize you cannot make me whole for this experience, I find it disconcerting that a 5th generation, family-run enterprise such as yours would carry a brand that disrespects its customers to the same extent you bend over backwards to service yours.  If I were in your shoes I would seriously reconsider whether the P.C. Richard name should be sullied by carrying such a shoddy and inconsiderate brand in its stores and online.


/s/ I. Burgess



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