5 more of 25 real things

Picking up on this old post which is, as noted then, “inspired by the stupid FB trend.”  At this rate I should be done in a year and a half.  Five more real things:

  1. I trust everyone until you give me a reason not to.  After that it’s an uphill battle.
  2. If you’re an adult, I expect you to act like one.
  3. I hold grudges.
  4. If I’m intentionally ignoring you, it’s likely because you don’t really want to hear what I have to say, so I’m sparing you.
  5. One of my three favorite books: The Stranger.


5 of 25 real things

Yes, this was inspired by the stupid FB trend.  
I thought would be more interesting here since, quite literally, 0 (zero) of you know me IRL (in real life) and sometimes 140 just isn’t enough.  
Presented in the occasional 5 bullet segments (that way when I’ve been ignoring the blog for some time I can throw another five up here to buy myself some time…:)
  1. I’ve never been west of Las Vegas, and before that (since it was for business and all I saw was the inside of the convention center and the place we rented (so it doesn’t really count…)) Colorado.
  2. I haven’t owned a car for nearly 9 years.  The only time I miss it is when I rent one.
  3. Notwithstanding my flirtering I am very happily married w/ little coglings.  (Sorry twitter-ettes).
  4. Politically I’m 90% bleeding heart liberal.
  5. I’m a Google Ho – if I can use Google for a service I do: mail (for my real accounts), docs, applications, maps, video, phone …(except subway maps…just doesn’t work well).