Dear Twitter….your new @ settings suck

Ok, I don’t usually post this quickly on anything but this one sucks particularly badly.

No, I didn’t find this out on my own. I first saw it on @whitneyhess‘s blog.

So here’s the beef – there’s been a change to what shows up in your timeline – long story short (if I’m reading this right) – when someone you follow replies to someone you don’t follow you won’t see the update of the person you do follow.

Oddly enough I was working on a blog post on the train this evening reflecting that I get and find more good twitter people NOT through #followfriday but just by seeing who else my people are talking to and what they’re talking about. Side note – the iphone/itouch keyboard is really quite wretched on a bouncy train.

Well this change basically takes twitter from a great cocktail party (my favorite analogy) where you can easily join any conversation and make new friends to a cliquey high school cafeteria where if you don’t know the right people (or combination of people) you simply won’t find a place to sit and wonder wtf you’re doing there.

There’s simply so many ways this sucks that it’s difficult to even list them all. Here’s to hoping this changes before I wake up tomorrow morning.

0 thoughts on “Dear Twitter….your new @ settings suck”

  1. I must admit, I am thrilled with this.

    Until now, I always had the setting set to do this, but I was aware that some people (through choice, or sometimes through lack of knowledge) saw all my @ replies to everyone. That can get a bit overwhelming. Especially when I have an hour and a half bi-weekly conversation with @ozsultan.

    I think that this allows me to breath just a little bit easier.

    You can still see who people RT and you can set up “global searches” for people who you are interested in.

    But this is a good thing, IMHO.

  2. Eh, I think this is kind of b.s. But heck I’m not Ashton Kutcher, so why should Twitter care?

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