The days in links 3/15/11-3/16/11

The last two days in links – woot!

  • Facebook Spring Break Do’s And Don’ts
  • Video Demystified: 3 Easy Ways to Add Video to Your Emails – Blue Sky Factory Blog Interesting!
  • A must read: Why You Need Facebook’s Like Buttons On Your Site
  • If you’re considering it – How to Engage on Sites Using Facebook’s New Commenting Plugin | Edelman Digital from @davefleet
  • Why You Don’t Need to Blog Daily – For Bloggers By Bloggers from mr. @dannybrown
  • Getting Started with Analytics: How to Get Buy-in From Your Team Do we still need to review why this is important?
  • Email as Sales: The Autoresponse Antidote to Just Looking Buyers | Email Marketing Strategy – Blue Sky Factory Blog
  • Social media case study: MN brewer Surly galvanizes fans to build new brewery | from @arikhanson No surpirse there 🙂
  • Finra Warns About Facebook Pre-IPO Investments
  • Of Comment Trolls and Flash Mobs | Danny Brown Trolls? Never heard of ’em 🙂
  • Innovation Conversations » Making Your Corporate Citizenship Story Pop! Great guide.
  • The quiet death of journalism at the hand of “content strategy” more great stuff from @TheBrandBuilder
  • SXSW 2011: Great for Networking, But No Technology Breakthroughs. Roundup from @JOwyang
  • Interesting new tool – WE Products Debut at SXSW Interactive Event | Thinkers and Doers
  • Oy – more: Israelis And Friends Ask Facebook To Pull Intifada Page
  • Oops: Teen Party Canceled After Facebook Invite Got Too Viral
  • The numbers matter: CrapHammer: Google Analytics Magic – Part Two
  • Not that any of you have these – 5 Content Strategies for Boring Brands
  • Ensure Your Next Conference is a Success with These Key TIps | Social Media Explorer
  • Who didn’t see this coming? Gilbert Gottfried: Aflac Comedian Fired For Twitter Jokes About The Japan Earthquake
  • Catch-22: The Superficial Social Media Perception | LAF Good one from @cubanalaf
  • WOW: The New York Observer Is Launching A Tech Site
  • Not for me yet, but still interesting- Group Messaging Faceoff: 4 Services Compared
  • AOL FREELANCER: We All Just Got Fired (We Think)
  • Ha! Light-Up Facebook Like Notifier Made From Legos attn @arikhanson @alextanpr
  • The big fish: Jon Stewart Recruits Larry King As Daily Show Contributor
  • #NotWinning Bristol Palin’s Boyfriend Likes To Call People ‘Nigga,’ Mock Kids With Down Syndrome
  • It’s Not About You: Four Tips To Make Your Blog More Reader-Centric
  • Yes Pls: Want Infinite Blog Post Ideas? | Social Media Explorer
  • CHART OF THE DAY: Why The Newspaper Industry Collapsed
  • Teacher Learns Facebook Lesson On Privacy Are they trying to foul up?
  • Facebook Hires Google M&A Expert Zoufonoun More FB Everywhere!!
  • Very Interesting: Dan Ariely » Blog Archive Backing Down From Agreements–Results «
  • Seth’s Blog: Are you doing a good job? Doing a good job is no guarantee of security, advancement or delight.
  • Twitter users send one billion tweets per week – Brand Republic News And about half are mine
  • OOOH Apple applies to use Beatles’ logo – Brand Republic News
  • 8 Powerful & Inexpensive Desktop Design Apps Definitely going to use some of these
  • RIP Zune Player, 2006-2011 Too bad, I like my brown brick.

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