The Day (and weekend) in Links: 3/12-3/14/2011 (Happy Pi Day!)

  • Don’t Write ‘Happy Birthday’ On Facebook, Auto-Tune It! ha!
  • Where You Fit In Great perspective from @dannybrown
  • 4 Ways to Set Up a Storefront on Facebook Interesting reference to keep around.
  • from @ConversationAge: Changing the Question Perfectly phrased.
  • The ‘Godzilla’ Incident: Did Twitter Users Gang Up on CNN Earthquake Anchor? Socnets aren’t always right.
  • Top 7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter I NEED to try some of these
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Brands On Facebook If you need a reminder
  • Conversation Agent: The Stream Comes First
  • Maps Show Japan Postings’ Spread On Facebook
  • iPad 2 Sold Out, 70% Went to New Buyers [REPORT] Some nice numbers here.
  • Chicago Rapist Met Two Victims On Facebook Wow. They’ve moved on from CL. It’s social, not a completely safe space ppl
  • Your Online Guide to an Easier Tax Season Just over a month away.
  • NC Student Arrested For Facebook Posts About Principal Oh yeah…uhhh
  • Google Stops Shipping CR-48 Chrome OS Notebooks In this case appears to be a good sign.
  • Facebook Adds Ability to Easily Tag Others in Comments I think we all knew this by now but JIC
  • 1 In 5 Use Facebook To Make Health Decisions A little terrifying
  • Measuring Social Media: Who Has Access to the Firehose? Stuff we all need to know.
  • Engadget’s Editor in Chief Resigns as AOL Shakeup Continues This has gotta hurt
  • Seth’s Blog: Your #SXSW agenda (or any conference, for that matter) Good food for thought
  • Data: How Wealthy Corporations Spend On Social Business @JOwyang | Social Media, Web Marketing Int’g stats
  • The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post – For Bloggers By Bloggers In case you don’t know yet.
  • Seth’s Blog: Bring me stuff that’s dead, please . Such a great lesson about leaving the hot shiny button alone
  • Sunday Brunch – Promoting Old Blog Posts | Danny Brown Great topic from @dannybrown
  • Very Disturbing – The Occasional Ugliness Of The Social Web from @TheBrandBuilder
  • Another installment from @dannybrown Weekly Free Blog Topics at For Bloggers By Bloggers
  • Verizon iPhones Fell Back an Hour Instead of Springing Ahead OOPS! from @brenna_e


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