You’re in PR Because You Like People?

Please, oh please, don’t tell me you’re in PR because “you like people.”  Be in PR because…

  • for the most part, you just barely find people tolerable, and the ones that you do “like” you’d go to bat for any day of the week because you respect them (in some way, shape or form) and have tremendous admiration for the smart ones,
  • because the concept of being able to manipulate sway people with the words you use and where you use them sounds like so much fun it should be a hobby
  • because making:
    • someone sign up for a mailing list,
    • a journalist believe your “local boy” story should be on the front page of every top tier paper internationally, and
    • the buying manager at a local aid agency in Bumble___, AK to shed a tear when your salesman hands off his leave-behind because it’s so touching becomes a #winning day.

Be in PR because you like playing with words and watching people’s behavior.  See what moves them, what moves some of them, what moves all of them.  You like people, go be something else – like demographics, studies, data.  .

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