The Day in Links – 3/11/11

And here are today’s links.  Including some that will be sent out shortly. Enjoy

  • Seth’s Blog: Unskilled labor “Unskilled now means not-specially skilled.” from godin
  • The One Thing That Makes You Different From Everyone Else Just Like You Good read from @joey_strawn.
  • How Many Relationships Are You Building? I wonder when @DannyBrown has the time to do anything but write great posts
  • Saab Asks Consumers to Make Its Banner Ads More CustomerSourcing.
  • Huffington: NY Times Editor’s Attack Is “Lame” And “Laughable”
  • Top 100 social brands revealed – Brand Republic News Should be interesting
  • The New AOL Way: Fewer Employees, Fewer Freelancers, More Arianna
  • These Are The AOL Brands That No Longer Have Editorial Staff Can’t say I really admired any.
  • Great infographic on platform deciding – Which Social Sites Are Best for Which Marketing Outcomes?
  • AWFUL: Three BBC Journalists Tortured By Col. Qaddafi’s Forces In Libya Headline says it all.
  • Picplz Introduces Collections, the Photo Equivalent of Playlists THis could be an interesting tool.
  • How The New York Times Is Incorporating Social & Algorithmic Recommendations
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Death Of FBML Yet more FB changes
  • Reports of Women Being Like Men are Greatly Exaggerated Preach on sister! fm @conversationage
  • Welcome to the EGOsystem: How Much Are You Worth? from @BrianSolis Very timely given #sxsw
  • One Person Every Corporate Blogging Program Needs So true – must have a QB
  • The Fatigue of Social Media Fatigue Great read from @AmberCadabra
  • Three Tests to Optimize Your Website: VBO, LPO and CRO Think you’ve optimized your site? Try again.
  • APR vs. MBA: Which letters matter more? | Great post from @arikhanson
  • Great outline – The Anatomy of a Social Media Policy from @socialologist


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