The Day in Links – 3/11/11

And here are today’s links.  Including some that will be sent out shortly. Enjoy

  • Seth’s Blog: Unskilled labor “Unskilled now means not-specially skilled.” from godin
  • The One Thing That Makes You Different From Everyone Else Just Like You Good read from @joey_strawn.
  • How Many Relationships Are You Building? I wonder when @DannyBrown has the time to do anything but write great posts
  • Saab Asks Consumers to Make Its Banner Ads More CustomerSourcing.
  • Huffington: NY Times Editor’s Attack Is “Lame” And “Laughable”
  • Top 100 social brands revealed – Brand Republic News Should be interesting
  • The New AOL Way: Fewer Employees, Fewer Freelancers, More Arianna
  • These Are The AOL Brands That No Longer Have Editorial Staff Can’t say I really admired any.
  • Great infographic on platform deciding – Which Social Sites Are Best for Which Marketing Outcomes?
  • AWFUL: Three BBC Journalists Tortured By Col. Qaddafi’s Forces In Libya Headline says it all.
  • Picplz Introduces Collections, the Photo Equivalent of Playlists THis could be an interesting tool.
  • How The New York Times Is Incorporating Social & Algorithmic Recommendations
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Death Of FBML Yet more FB changes
  • Reports of Women Being Like Men are Greatly Exaggerated Preach on sister! fm @conversationage
  • Welcome to the EGOsystem: How Much Are You Worth? from @BrianSolis Very timely given #sxsw
  • One Person Every Corporate Blogging Program Needs So true – must have a QB
  • The Fatigue of Social Media Fatigue Great read from @AmberCadabra
  • Three Tests to Optimize Your Website: VBO, LPO and CRO Think you’ve optimized your site? Try again.
  • APR vs. MBA: Which letters matter more? | Great post from @arikhanson
  • Great outline – The Anatomy of a Social Media Policy from @socialologist


The Day in Links – March 10, 2011

Below are today’s articles I plucked from my RSS feeds and tweeted out (with their original tweets).  Enjoy!

So there’s a new brouhaha – this time with @etsy at the center of it.

Seems there’s a user selling cards that congratulate folks for the “not positive” things in their life.  Full breakdown here but in brief:

  • Cards that congratulate someone for having a “bad touch” – and while the accompanying text on the product page indicates it can be given to those who are having a colonoscopy or those who’ve had to deal with the TSA, the image and tags (“rape” and “raped”) don’t line up.

Yeah, not my favorite…tho there’s also those that congrats you for contracting AIDS or having a child with Down Syndrome. Continue reading So there’s a new brouhaha – this time with @etsy at the center of it.

The Followers You Engage (in your Neighborhood): The Hoarder

I’m pretty good with visual memories.  This definitely comes in handy in many circumstances, but perhaps the least likely place it’s proven useful is when dealing with those I follow and vice-versa (and for the record – for some reason I’m really bad with face-name associations – apologies in advance). The problem is I can’t remember usernames sometimes so need to utilize to find someone I may not have chatted with in a while (and hope they haven’t changed their avatar).

Where it’s been particularly handy is finding folks who have followed, unfollowed and then refollowed.  Combined with a Gmail account and good tags there’s no reason to not know who’s following you and find out when they started if needed.  It’s definitely come in handy when I have to go dig up the name of a person who works at a certain agency.

Anyway – the “refollow” is great fun, particularly when you look at that person’s account stats.  And yes, I know, as preached before – follower counts don’t matter.  If you like the content’s quality it doesn’t matter who else agrees with you or if you’ve found a hidden gem. But… Continue reading The Followers You Engage (in your Neighborhood): The Hoarder

Upcoming Post: Rules of the Road – Do’s and Do Not’s

So here’s the situation – you’re visiting a city for vacation, conference, drive through on your way somewhere else and want to do a meetup with some of your tweeps.  How do you go about this being both polite and logistically aware? Continue reading Upcoming Post: Rules of the Road – Do’s and Do Not’s